Tailored Courses

Made with you in mind

Do you have a very niche area of work? Have you been looking for training on a specific topic, but can't find a course? Are you looking to make your mark on a general course with your own branding? 

For each of these questions and many more you may have realised that the course you want isn't there - but you still need to provide training. A Tamar Safety Tailored Course could be just what you're looking for!

Creating and delivering your course

To help you in your decision making process and find out more information on our Tailored Courses we've gathered some FAQ's for you below. Please contact us to start the process or if you have any further questions and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Why choose Tamar Safety?

We have years of experience in writing training courses for multiple industries across a broad range of topics. Our lead course writer, Dave, has written and delivered courses written specifically for HS2 and Deepmind amongst many other clients in manufacturing, education, construction and hospitality. Our passion for training and lifelong learning comes through in all of our courses and whilst we always look to differentiate our mainstream Tamar Safety and accredited courses to suit the audience, you really can't beat training that's written specifically for you.

How does it work?

Very simply, a quick call or email through our contact page gets the conversation started. A member of our team will capture the initial data we need to help us establish if it is a project that we can support you with - this is important, because if your request is outside of our competency we will not proceed to a course build proposal.

How will Tamar Safety know what needs to be covered?

Following an initial data capture with a team member we will book a telephone, online or in-person meeting with your assigned course writer to gain a deeper understanding and insight of your training needs. During the meeting we seek to establish the following items to create the course build proposal:

What is a course build proposal and how does it work?

The course build proposal is an opportunity for us to record our conversation, the parameters of the course, fees for building and delievering the course and any other relevant information. The proposal is valid for 30 days and acts as our contract agreement to each other.

Once the course proposal has been agreed and payment made we will schedule the required time to build your course.

What courses are available?

If you can think of it, we can deliver it within our competency to do so. Examples of courses we have devised include:

You can also select one of our existing Tamar Safety courses and have it adapted to suit your needs. This can work really well if you have specific procedures, products or workplaces that you want to train people on, rather than taking a generalist approach.

What delivery methods are available?

The choice is yours - in-person and online options are available to best suit your needs. 

Some clients are keen to have the training on-site and even in the workshop to ensure relevancy; other clients prefer to be trained off-site to give the session dedicated focus; and some prefer on-line if the company covers a large geographical area.

Can we use our own materials?

Yes, of course, we really encourage you to provide us with as much material as possible to ensure the training is relevant.

During our initial conversations we will request this in advance of course writing so that we can gain as much understanding as possible.

Can we use our own branding?

Yes, certainly. We recognise the importance of branding to reinforce the message and give continuity to your arrangments.

The level of branding can be discussed during the course build process.

How much contact do we have during the writing process?

You are welcome to contact us as much as you wish, but we will certainly schedule at least an initial course build proposal meeting and a follow-up meeting once the course has been drafted and needing your sign-off. If further follow-up meetings are required we can schedule these accordingly.

We're keen to maintain engagement, so please feel free to contact us at any stage of the process.

How long does a course take to write?

As an indicator, our typical writing programme for a new course is as follows:

Please be aware that these are only a guide and the required course build time will be agreed upon prior to the course build proposal form being created. Complex courses with multiple resources being created could take longer than the above indicated times. Similarly, less complex courses can take less than indicated times.

The above times take into account the creation of all resources in addition to the presentation, as well as completing our quality check processes.

Can we see the course before its delivered?

Yes, of course, it's really important that you have an opportunity to see that the course has been written to the agreed proposal and that you expect it to achieve what you want the training to achieve.

We will provide you a PDF of the slidedeck and any resources created in advance of our meeting to review the course draft.

Can we keep the course after its written?

We are happy to provide you with a read-only version of your training course after your course delivery has been completed. This is not a reflection on either organisation, it is really important for both parties to evidence the training course content as delivered should it be needed for an incident investigation and that it meets with the original proposal. 

If you wish to make small changes and reviews to course content we will happily facilitate this at no additional fee and we will archive the previous version. If larger, more substantial changes are required this could be subject to additional fees, depending on the work required.

Can Tamar Safety write a course that we deliver ourselves?

This is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and needs to be requested by the client. Generally, our Tailored Courses are not written for the client to be delivered by the client unless certain considerations are required.

How do we know if the Tailored Course has been successful?

All courses delivered by Tamar Safety have a feedback facility on completion of the course and we will happily share this data with you.

We are also happy for you to provide your own feedback forms, which your HR and development teams may already have in place.

If desired by the company, we are happy to be available for post-course debriefs.

Can we review a course after it's first delivery?

Yes. We understand that things can change internally, with legislation or, despite the best efforts of both sides the training isn't quite right and therefore some updates or changes are required. 

When changes are required, we will gauge the level of additional work required and advise on availability and cost accordingly. As a rule of thumb, anything less than an hour's additional work will not be charged; anything in excess of an hour is liable to additional fee and will be discussed between both parties.

How many delegates can attend a session?

This is an important consideration and can have a big impact on the way in which the course is written and delivered. The majority of our courses are limited to 12 delegates, however, this number can be increased or decreased depending on your desired outcomes. For example, intense and detailed material can work better with smaller groups, but broad general information can be delivered well to larger audiences.

Are courses accredited or certificated?

Unless specifically requested, all courses will be certified with Tamar Safety and delegates will receive a PDF certificate of attendance for their records - this can be sent to a training coordinator rather than individual delegates.

We have the ability to apply for accreditation with organisations such as IOSH and CPD, but this will come at an additional fee and resource, with a time-sensitive approval process to follow.

Do courses have an expiry or refresher date?

This can be set by yourselves, but we typically work on a 3-year expiration/refresher cycle. Some clients will request a 1 or 2 year refresher, but we advise to not exceed 3 years.

How much do Tailored Courses cost?

The course build proposal will contain 2 fees: the course build fee and the delivery fee for one or multiple sessions combined as requested. Whilst the delivery fee will remain in-line with our regular training courses (more information available here), course build time is charged at £50 per hour.