About Tamar Safety

Veteran owned, community focused

Mission statement

Our purpose and operations are defined by our passion to support individuals and businesses in our local communities to live and work safely, healthily and happily

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Armed Forces Covenant

Your safety today protects your tomorrow

We believe that all businesses should take an holistic approach to embrace fire, health and safety as an essential and natural part of their culture, ethics and operations.

We seek to achieve this through providing supportive, innovative and creative services that simplify the complexity of legislation, with a personalised touch to suit the needs of businesses and their individuals.

We provide comprehensive assessments, engaging training and professional consultancy services that are of the highest standard and we look forward to supporting you.

Our core values


We operate with honesty and consistency for the benefit of our clients to ensure they receive products and services of the highest standard. Our strong moral principles guide us in our working practices to commit to work that we know we are competent to accept.


We actively promote fairness and equity in our client and colleague relationships that respect the dignity, diversity and rights of all persons.


We seek to always be creative and innovative in implementing inspirational ideas that support and improve our services and the performance of our clients.


We pride ourselves on building relationships that understand, maintain and learn due regard for the feelings, wishes and beliefs of others.

Dave Wright BMus (Hons) CertIOSH

Name: Dave

Role: Owner, fire risk assessor, trainer and consultant

Favourite animal: Penguin

Favourite book: Mort (amongst many others) by Terry Pratchett

Favourite meal: Sunday roast

Favourite activity outside of work: Family dog walk over the heath, ending in the local by the fire

Dave is a passionate and highly experienced fire and H&S professional, keen to make a difference within the local community through supporting individuals and organisations. Tamar Safety was established by Dave with this in mind: local help and support for local businesses and communities.

Originally from Ipswich, following an exciting 9-year career in the Royal Marines Band Service, Dave settled in South East Cornwall and has now built a family life in the Tamar Valley. Moving into business management within education, Dave worked in Plymouth-based schools and colleges before leaving to pursue a career as an H&S consultant and trainer. He is still firmly associated with education, serving as Chair of Governors for two local primary schools.

Dave has a keen interest in sports and hobbies, particularly ones that he can share with his two young sons that try to run rings around him on a football pitch or chess board!

Name: Buddy

Role: Mental Health Champion and all-round "good boy!"

Favourite animal: Other dogs

Favourite book: Clifford the Big Red Dog

Favourite meal: Everything - nom, nom, nom

Favourite activity outside of work: Sofa cuddles - but Mummy says I'm not allowed on the furniture

Buddy is a fox red labrador and is so big that if he were fitted with a saddle a 5-year-old could ride him - although we avoid that, just think of the risk assessment!

When not sleeping for most of the day, Buddy loves big long walks, treats and lots of affectionate headrubs. Whilst he doesn't say a lot, he's one hell of a listener!