Armed Forces Covenant Pledge

11th April 2024

Today we can officially announce that Tamar Safety's pledge to sign the Armed Forces Covenant has been approved. Our commitment to the Covenant allows us to continue to be veteran owned, community focused and we are keen to support individuals and businesses in the local areas to support those that serve as current Armed Forces personnel, Veterans and Reservists.

Visit our dedicated page to the Covenant and view our Pledge here

It's Global Asbestos Awareness Week

1st April 2024

It’s the start of Global Asbestos Awareness Week.

Asbestos didn’t disappear when it was banned in UK, it remains in millions of homes and buildings today. Stay aware of hidden asbestos, make sure you know what to watch for and what to do if you come across it during construction work. 

Find out more about the HSE campaign here: 

FORE! Tamar Safety to be a sponsor at Argyle Community Trust Golf Day

25th March 2024

Tamar Safety is proud to be sponsoring a hole at the Argyle Community Trust Charity Golf Day, due to be hosted on Thursday 26th September at Perranporth Golf Club. The event is fundraising for a new cancer rehabilitation and exercise programme that will be based at the eargerly anticipated Brickfields Community Hub, due to open later this year.

Contact Matt White ( at the Trust to enquire about other sponsorship opportunities and entering your own team!

First Aid Regulations Guidance Updated to Include Mental Ill Health

13th February 2024

The HSE have recently launched a 2024 update to their ACoP L74 Guidance on the Regulations, with the updates to this version included on the first page.

A key point to note is that the first aid needs assessment must now also consider the workplace/operational impact on an individual's mental health. Whilst it doesn't specify the training required, it does state additional training could be required for current first aiders. 

You can access the new guidance from the HSE here: 

New Guidance on E-Bikes and Scooters

2nd February 2024

Following Fire and rescue services making government aware of rising numbers of incidents involving the lithium batteries used in e-cycles and e-scooters, a new guidance document has been released to support their management in different premises.

You can access the new guidance here: 

Asbestos - Your Duty Campaign

15th January 2024

Launched today, the HSE's new asbesots campaign gives all persons, but particularly duty holders, the chance to refocus on this vitally important topic. 

Despite being partially banned during the 1980's and completely banned in November 1999, asbestos is not a hazard of by-gone days, it is very much present in our daily lives. Please don't make the mistake of assuming it doesn't affect you and take every precaution against it.

Further information on the campaign can be found here: 

New requirements for Fire Risk Assessments

15th September 2023

From 1st October 2023 legislation is changing with new requirements for Responsible Persons to ensure they have a recorded suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment. Read below for more information.

1st October 2023 Fire Risk Assessment requirements

Why is the legislation changing?

The Building Safety Act 2022 (Section 156 in particular) amends the Fire Safety Order to place enhanced duties on Responsible Persons to ensure a greater control over fire safety in applicable buildings. This not only covers a requirement to have a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment (FRA) carried out by a competent assessor, but also the recording of the assessment's findings, its required actions and the information that must be passed on to persons using that building - e.g., workers, volunteers, residents, Accountable Persons and future Responisble Persons.

Recording your fire risk assessment (FRA)

Previously, it was typically only situations in which there were 5 employees or more that required a recorded FRA - this is no longer the case. Any premises that comes under the Fire Safety Order MUST have a recorded FRA, regardless of the number of employees, its size, its operations, etc.

If you employ or contract someone to carry out your FRA you must record their details and the company they work for (if applicable) to ensure enforcement authorities can identify those individuals.

Which buildings does this apply to?

These requirements apply to:

The requirements do not apply within an individual domestic premises.

Am I a Responsible Person?

There are different ways of catergorising a Responsible Person for a workplace under the following:

You are the employer and the workplace is to any extent under your control, for example:

You may be the Responsible Person if:

1. You are not the employer but have some degree of control over the premises (where there isn’t a traditional employer / employee relationship or where volunteers are involved), for example:

2. You own a commercial premises and it is not legally under someone else’s control, for example it is derelict.

There are different ways of catergorising a Responsible Person for a residential premises under the following:

Recording your fire risk assessment and other information

You must now record the FRA in full, including all the findings and the fire safety arrangements for your premises in all circumstances. You should make available as much information as possible about fire safety in your premises.

Cooperation and coordination between Responsible Persons

It is important that you work with other Repsonsible Persons in the premises to help facilitate a cohesive approach to fire safety throughout the entire building.

Cooperation with Accountable Persons

Under the Building Safety Act 2022 you must identify the Accountable Person nominated in higher risk residential buildings that are at least 18m or 7 storeys in height, with 2 or more residential units. You will then need to cooperate with them to enable them to perform their duties as required, for example, sharing your FRA.

Provision of information to new Responsible Persons

This new duty ensures that all relevant fire safety information is shared with incoming Responsible Persons to provide a continual record of fire safety information throughout a building's lifetime. This can include scenarios where you cease trading, sell your business or freehold, or if you are taken over by a new Repsonsible Person.

Provision of information to residents

People should feel safe where they live and alongside the requirements of the Fire Safety (England) Regulation 2022 the duty to provide information to your residents (if applicable) has been enhanced.

Further information

The information above has been extracted from Government guidance. The full guidance is available here.