Training Admin and Information

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We want to make the process of booking and attending our training courses as easy and hassle-free as possible, so we've collected a wealth of information below on a range of training administration topics to support you as much as we can.

If you still have some unanswered questions or wish to discuss any of the information below then we'd love to hear from you. Please visit our contact page and a member of our team will be happy to support you further.

Booking a course

To book a private course from our list of Accredited and Tamar Safety courses, or discuss a request for a Tailored course, please visit our contact page to complete a Training Booking Request form. A member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Public IOSH courses can be accessed and booked through the relevant booking platform/method as shown in the course list entry on our course list page. If you are interested in booking yourself onto another one of our courses please contact us for more information.

Course joining instructions

On completion of booking a course with Tamar Safety you will receive a PDF joining instructions document via email. Instructions will be emailed directly to the individual for a public course, or the individual booking the course for a private course by default. On request, for private courses we can email instructions directly to individual delegates, providing that contact details are given no less than 5 working days prior to the course. We will otherwise assume that the course organiser will inform their staff of the required information.

Course delivery methods

Tamar Safety offer two main forms of delivery: face-to-face classroom sessions hosted at a public or private (client) venue; and online video-call remote delivery. Whilst the majority of courses can be offered through each method, please be aware that selected courses are not delivered online due to practical / teaching restrictions. Unless otherwise stated, all courses can be delivered in classroom or online remote settings.

Public and private courses

Public open courses are publicly available, where multiple companies or individuals can book at a cost per person as advertised when booking. Public course are currently only offered on IOSH and selected Tamar Safety courses. If you wish to undertake a Tamar Safety course as an individual or public booking please contact us.

Private courses are available for all training courses with online and classroom options available. For classroom sessions we can deliver training at the client's site or a locally-based public venue, whichever is more appropriate. Preferential rates are offered to Tamar Safety Members.

Course fees

Course fees must be paid in full prior to the session commencing. Individuals booking on to public courses will be able to do this through the online booking system. Private courses will remain TBC until full payment has been received no less than 5 working days before the scheduled date of delivery.

Accredited courses are priced separately. Please view the relevant course details on our training page.

Tamar Safety courses (private only) are priced as below:

Whole day (8 hours) £600 (online £475)

Half day (4 hours) £375 (online £300)

Awareness / Module (2 hours) £250 (online £200)

Where applicable, for private course bookings reasonable expenses will be applied for distance travelled, food, overnight stays and venue hire (if not hosted at the client's facilities) in addition to the above course fees.

Tailored courses are priced individually on proposal. The total cost will be inclusive of time, resources and expenses applicable to elements including course build time; pre-build and post-build meetings; additional course materials; and course delivery time. All aspects of the project will remain TBC until payment has been received in full.

Combining modules and multiple courses (private bookings only)

If you are planning private training and need to cover multiple aspects of H&S training it is possible to combine individual training courses to suit your needs. You can also book to deliver multiple sessions of the same module or course to suit shift patterns or if planned numbers exceed the limit of one session. Combinations of courses will be charged at a half or full day rate instead of per module.

For example:

2hr Manual Handling + 2hr Manual Handling = £375 instead of £500; or

Half-day COSHH Awareness + 2hr Manual Handling = £525 instead of £625; or

Half-day COSHH Awareness + 2hr Manual Handling + 2hr Work at Height Awareness = £600 instead of £875; or

Half-day Permit to Work Systems + Half-day Permit to Work Systems = £600 instead of £750

If you are interested in combining or hosting multiple courses as a private booking please outline your interests when you contact us to book your training.

Delegate numbers

Our courses are best suited for delivery to group sizes ranging from 4-12 delegates, however, at the discretion of Tamar Safety, those numbers can be increased or decreased if circumstances allow. Accredited courses with awarding bodies, such as IOSH, will set a maximum number of delegates that cannot be exceeded. Courses with a practical element or workshop tour, etc. may either have a limit on attendees or the group be split down to ensure a safe learning environment.

All public courses with 'low' numbers are reviewed at least 4 weeks in advance to establish if hosting the course is viable. In the highly unlikely event of a course being cancelled all delegates will be consulted on alternative arrangements, including options to transfer to a different venue, attend a future course, or change to online delivery. If a classroom session is changed to online delivery, the appropriate adjustment in course fee will be applied.

Delegate register and attendance at courses

A GDPR compliant electronic register is generated for all courses by Tamar Safety. This is securely maintained by the course tutor for the training session and securely retained after the course by Tamar Safety for a suitable period of time in-line with direction by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Delegate lists for private bookings are required no less than 5 working days prior to the course commencing. Where this cannot be confirmed, the course organiser must be available to confirm the correct individuals are in attendance.

Proof of identification

All course attendees are required to provide a form of valid photo identification to be presented to the course tutor prior to the course starting. A complete list of acceptable forms of identification is included in the course joining instructions. Failure to present valid identification can result in a delegate being dismissed from the course.

If a delegate currently has no form of valid identification they will require a letter of declaration from their employer or suitable alternative, as included in the course joining instructions.

Course timings

All courses are scheduled with a given start and end time. Delegates are expected to be in attendance in good time before the given start time to allow for introductions and course administration to be completed. Course durations and scheduled end times are given as an indicator or maximum duration period. On occasion, courses could finish before or after the given end time. Where a course goes beyond the given end time no additional fee or penalty will be passed on.

Absence, late arrivals and early departures

We are well aware that, at times, absences are to be expected and cannot always be helped. If an absence is planned, we kindly ask for as much notice as possible. If you are due to attend a public course over 1 or multiple days we will always look to postpone your booking to a future course and pick up your training where you need to. Where sufficient notice of 24 hours or more is given we will happily provide a refund of your course fee on request. Notice of less than 24 hours will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. As private courses are charged by the time period and not per person, refunds for absences are not available and attendance at a future course would be required.

We are also aware that circumstances outside of their control can result in delegates arriving late to a training sessions. As detailed in the joining instructions, delegates are expected to inform Tamar Safety or their course organiser if running late and provide an estimated time of arrival. However, as detailed in the course joining instructions, late arrivals 30 minutes beyond the given start time of a public or private course will not be permitted, due to a significant amount of course material being missed. Such late arrivals will be given the option of future courses that they could attend without an additional fee. Refunds will only be considered under extenuating circumstances, such as extremes of weather, significant road closure, etc.

If a delegate leaves a training session at any time before the course has finished they will be regarded as having not completed the course and therefore be required to attend a future session to receive their certification. Such departures will be given the option of future courses that they could attend without an additional fee. Refunds will only be considered under extenuating circumstances.

Resources and refreshments

Training resources are provided to each delegate for each of our courses and will reflect the nature and requirements of the specific session. Unless otherwise arranged, any training materials and 'props' used will be provided by Tamar Safety. For our Tamar Safety courses we typically use a workbook with course notes, plus additional paper and pen. Accredited course delegates receive licensed materials from the awarding body and full details per course will be included in the booking information. The cost of resources and training materials is included in the booking price.

Tamar Safety provide simple refreshments for training sessions to include bottled water and fresh fruit included in the booking fee. All other refreshements including hot drinks and lunches for full-day courses are to be provided by the company or will be included in the additional fees incorporated by hosting the session at a public venue.

Course certification

On successful completion of the training course all delegates recorded on the register will be issued with a certificate. Tamar Safety will apply for certificates for accredited courses, such as IOSH, and once received will arrange for secure postage to forward them to the individual or course organiser as required. Please be aware that this process can sometimes take many weeks, depending on lead times outside of our control.

Tamar Safety and Tailored course delegates will receive a digital PDF certificate within 10 working days of completing the course. Tamar Safety will email the individual or training organiser as required.

Course expiry and refresher

Unless otherwise stated, all courses hold a validity period of 3 years upon which a full-course refresher should be completed.

Whilst the IOSH Managing Safely course remains valid beyond 3 years, it is considered good practice to complete the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course every 3 years following successful completion of the original course.

Venue information request forms

If you have booked a private course to be hosted at the company's facilities we will require a venue information request form to be completed in advance of the trainer's arrival. This form provides us with vital information such as location; access arrangements; presentation facilities; welfare facilities; requirements for PPE; site-specific hazards; and any other relevant information relating to the training course.


We understand that due to a variety of factors individuals may need to cancel their booking on a public course, or a company cancel their private course booking. Where possible, we will always seek to organise an alternative date, location or course to best suit our client's needs, however, we respect our client's desire to cancel where it is required. 

Refunds for cancellations will be processed on the following minimum notice periods:

Cancellations beyond the above notice periods are liable to still be charged at the full rate due to costs incurred by Tamar Safety, unless reasonable extenuating circumstances can be determined.