Fire Safety Guidance

Keep updated with the latest fire safety guidance

Whilst the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 remains the primary legislation for fire safety in England and Wales, it is supported by a wealth of guidance to assist the Responsible Person in completing a fire risk assessment to introduce and maintain general fire safety precautions.

Guidance documents are based on legislation and provide a best practice, easy to understand intepretation of the law based on decades of fire safety engineering and ecperience in managing fire safety. 

Government guidance collection

Updated as recently as 30th March 2023, this Government website provides a collection of relevant documents relating to fire safety law and provides guidance to anyone who has a legal duty for fire safety in a relevant building to meet those duties.

New fire safety guidance - 1st October 2023

New fire safety guidance comes into force on 1st October 2023 with a view to improve fire safety in all buildings regulated by the Fire Safety Order by:

Fire risk assessment checklist for the most simple of premises:

A guide to making your small block of flats safe from fire: 

A guide to making your small paying guest accommodation safe from fire: 

A guide to making your small non-domestic premises safe from fire: