Retained support

Reliable retained support with a smile

Our retained support members receive a dedicated account consultant for a retained service that they can trust to support their operations and achieve compliance by acting as their competent advisor, or supporting their internal H&S and fire safety team. Tamar Safety offer a range of retained support membership packages to suit any size of organisation and their needs.

The HSE understand that in many cases, businesses can manage health and safety themselves or with the help of in-house advisors. However, there are times when businesses will need to get external help, particularly on more detailed or technical issues, when impartial advice is required, or to assist in accreditation and procurement schemes through an audit. This is often referred to by the HSE as specialist help. The HSE guidance document INDG420 Getting specialist help with health and safety offers an excellent introduction and at Tamar Safety we are always happy for you to contact us for more information and guidance.

Our retained support packages explained

Excellent support as standard

Each retained support membership package comes with a collection of benefits across each level - so you can be assured to receive excellent support as standard. These include:

In discussion with a member of our team, your individual package will be created based on 2 components: the amount of hours required annually, such as the number of annual site visit audits required per year at your reduced rate, plus your chosen benefits level from our Bronze, Silver and Gold options. We will then establish an annual fee with a range of payment options available to suit your needs. All packages offered are a minimum of 12 months.

Bronze membership

Silver membership

In addition to our Bronze membership:

Gold membership

In addition to our Silver membership:

Further information on competent advice and retained support

Why do I need competent advice?

As an employer, you must appoint someone competent to help you meet your health and safety duties. A competent person is someone with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to manage health and safety.

You could appoint (one or a combination of):

You probably manage most aspects of your business yourself, or with help from your staff. But if you are not confident of your ability to manage all health and safety in-house, you may need some external help or advice.

We already have a H&S Manager, do we need more support?

This is a choice for you to make and in many cases businesses can manage health and safety themselves. However, on occasion there may be a need for technical support, expert guidance, additional support for internal roles or maybe a fresh set of impartial eyes.

Our more advanced packages offer an audit service that can support ISO accreditation; insurance requirements; and be presented to executives, directors and senior leaders to evidence the effectiveness of your H&S management system.